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Care & Maintenance

For the best results, we recommend bringing Nuu Garden product indoors where possible, or using a protective 'breathable' cover throughout the winter months.
It is NOT advisable to cover natural products (Wood, Rope, Ceramic furniture, etc) with a non-breathable fully waterproof plastic cover, as these covers can retain moisture under them causing a build up of mould or mildew.

Keeping your Weave Looking Brand New

The non-toxic PE (Polyethylene) weave has been designed to resist salt water, chlorine, rain and UV light. This weave is very easy to clean and to keep looking new. Simply use warm soapy water to clean your weave, and use a small brush (i.e. a toothbrush) to get between those harder-to-reach woven areas.
Nuu Garden's Weave can be recycled at the end of your product's lifespan, making it safe and environmental friendly.

Caring for your Cast Aluminium

The Cast Aluminium used for LG Outdoor is an anti-rust material so can be left outdoors all year round, and has been powder coated to give an added layer of protection from wear and tear and scratching. To clean powder coated frames, wash down regularly with mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Hose regularly with fresh water to remove airborne contaminants. Regular use of a mild wax polish will help maintain the showroom finish.

Metal Frames

After some months outdoors, and in particular damp/cooler conditions, regular garden mildew may build up on your product. This is normal and is easily cleaned off. Simply use warm soapy water to clean your Metal Frames.

Ceramic Tips

Before leaving the factory, all of Nuu Garden's Ceramic tables are given a water-resistant coating for added protection. This prevents moisture from penetrating the tiles, protecting from staining (such as tea and red wine) as well as frost (down to -10⁰C). Retreat the surface of your Ceramic table with a similar protective coating twice a year to ensure maximum longevity of your product.
After some months outdoors, and in particular damp/cooler conditions, regular garden mildew may build up on your product. This is normal and is easily cleaned off. Simply use warm soapy water to clean your Ceramic furniture.

Textilene Tips

To clean Nuu Garden's Textilene, wash with mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly with fresh water. Allow to dry naturally. After some months outdoors, and in particular damp/cooler conditions, regular garden mildew may build up on your product. This is normal and is easily cleaned off. Simply use warm soapy water to clean your Textilene.

Care for your Cushions

It is best to bring cushions indoors when it is raining to preserve the look of the fabric. Cushion covers are removable for machine washing up to 40°C to keep them looking fresh and new.
eden season-proof cushions are not suitable for machine washing and are spot clean only.

BBQ Care & Maintenance

Cleaning the Cooking Surfaces

After EVERY cooking session, ensure any dried fat/food deposits are cleared off all grills. Use a barbecue cleaning brush, which has been specifically designed to quickly and effectively clean the grills, and allow to cool before washing in a warm soapy solution. Rinse off with fresh, clean water and dry before returning to barbecue. Coat all of the cooking surfaces lightly with cooking oil to prevent corrosion of cast iron surfaces.

Cleaning the Flame Tamers

Periodically wash with warm soapy water, and dry thoroughly before reinstalling into the barbecue body.

Cleaning the BBQ Body

Regularly clean the body of the barbecue, dependant on the use and type of food cooked, with warm soapy water.

Cleaning the Drip Tray/Fat Collection Cup

It is very important you clean the drip tray, fat channel and fat collector on a regular basis because if this is ignored, a build-up of fats and greases may cause a fire in the barbecue. Please check the level of waste fat in the fat collection cup regularly whilst cooking to ensure it does not overflow. Please dispose of fat waste responsibly.

Cleaning the Burners

Ensure that all burner ports are free from obstruction. Remove the burners and clean by washing in hot water and detergent. Rinse in fresh, clean water, dry and return to the barbecue. Light burners immediately to prevent rust and corrosion. If the barbecue has not been in use for an extended period of time, brush lightly with cooking oil.

First Use after Long Periods

Check all gas valve orifices, burner tubes and connections for obstructions, and check that all burners are in their correct position. Check to see if the gas cylinder is full and check for gas leaks using the soapy solution. Set burner controls to 'off' and connect gas supply, ensuring all grills and hotplates are clean before use.

Safety Advice

Grills are very heavy so take extra care when moving, cleaning etc.
Make sure you clean grills and empty the fat responsibly after each use for continued optimum performance.
When cooking on the barbecue, ensure that it is placed on a solid, level surface.

General Recommendations

To maintain the original appearance as long as possible, never use abrasive, acidic or caustic cleaning materials on any part of your LG Outdoor product. We recommend cleaning all surfaces with mild soapy water and a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Always rinse with fresh, clean water.
Spillages which are acidic or caustic in nature (i.e. fizzy drinks, red wine, sauces, vinegar etc.) should be cleaned immediately by blotting with a soft absorbent cloth until dry. Do not wipe or spread the spillage.
To avoid accidental scratches to the surface of your table, use suitable table mats and coasters under any tableware (i.e. dishes, plates, glasses etc.).
Before winter storage of your furniture, ensure that any moisture collected in frames tubes has been drained out. When not in use outdoors, it is advisable if you cannot bring your product inside then use a protective 'breathable' cover to protect from sunlight, wind, rain, frost, tree sap, bird droppings, dust etc.
As with any products, good care is essential to extend the life of your furniture. It is important that you remove any spills or deposits that could stain the furniture as soon as possible. Make sure you never use any abrasive substances, pads or brushes as they will reduce the finish's resistance to dirt and could degrade the surface's finish.